Interlake Safaris ‘Hunts from the Heart’ has been very successful since Jason Lambley purchased the outfitting operation in 1999, following several years as a guide for outfitters
in Canada, North Dakota and his home state of Nebraska. Jason is a hunter, a guide, an outfitter. He keeps extremely busy in that occupation year-round. He anticipates the hunting seasons and looks forward to seeing that every client who makes the trip to Manitoba or Alberta truly experiences a ‘Hunt from the Heart.’ He believes an outfitter needs the hunting drive from within, from the heart. He is not complacent; he constantly thinks about how to better each hunt. He knows how to dream, but he also knows how to work hard to put those dreams into place. Hunting is his life! He, his wife Wendy and son Grey pride themselves on return clients, and love to meet newcomers. They have built friendships through this business that are second to none.

AND Jason knows a website is important. ‘Everyone’ tells him he needs one; everyone asks his website address; everyone reminds him he keeps promising an update! However, Jason could happily live without the internet for the rest of his life! He does appreciate email, and is good at answering inquiries he receives by that method, but he rarely goes online for anything else.

SO this website is quite an expansion from his first one-page venture that didn’t change for almost eight years, AND you’ll find a lot of information and photos on the pages included here. BUT the best way to keep updated is to get yourself on his mailing list. His annual newsletters (usually 48 pages worth) chronicle the total success for the year, provide photos of every big game animal taken, provide references, and all other necessary information.

For more information, contact Jason Lambley  •  Hunts from the Heart • Box 586 • Fisher Branch, Manitoba R0C 0Z0

 For newsletter with photos of all last year's success and references, call or email:

 204-372-8504  •